October 2019 Graduation, Promotions, and Awards

Welcome to the October 2019 Graduation, Promotions and Awards Ceremony held the last Saturday of each month to see new Seaman Recruits become Petty Officers, deserving Guardians promoted and given awards for their hard work.

Today we saw Five new Recruits graduate to become Petty Officers 3rd Class and begin their careers as a Second Life Coast Guard Members. The ceremony was kicked off by Rear Admiral Donatella Mitchell, SLCG Chief of Staff, welcoming everyone to the new Graduation facility followed by turning over the podium to Chief Petty Officer Endora DOC McAndrews, Executive Officer of the Recruit Training Center located at Qlar Fell.

Rear Admiral Donatella Mitchell, COS
Chief Petty Officer Endora DOC McAndrews , XO RTC

October 2019 Recruit Training Center Graduates

Petty Officer 3rd Class Celine

When asked what her favorite Memory of training was she replied, “During my training time , i will have many memories to remember but the most memorable experience i ever had until now was when i saw a group of 14 fellow Coasties that were assembled in order to participate to District 4 wide Deployment , heading out with everything they had available , responding to a public mayday.

Last but not least i want to express my thanks to all those who sacrificed their own time in order to help me during all that time . I will not reveal their names , you know who you are and you all are incredible.”

Petty Officer 3rd Class Farryn Moon

Petty Officer Moon also said when asked about her favorite memory from Training, “First I would like to take a minute to thank everyone at RTC and all of the stations I was at these last 5 weeks. I really don’t have just one moment i liked the most, but if i had to pick oe it would be when I got to take part in the DDay Festivities with Station Munro, Thank you to all that have made me feel very welcome!”

Petty Officer 3rd Class Claire

Petty Officer Claire stated “My most memorable experience while on my training time was when I got to do my first joint patrol as a survivor. We were stuck in airplane, had helicopters recuse swimmer come see where we were then the divers came in to get us out. Was awesome experience and ALL the NEW friend that I made, and the HELP and Guidance that I received.” When asked about her training.

Not present during today’s ceremony was newly minted Petty Officers Scivolo and Eric McGrath for unseen circumstances but they graduated and now assigned to their new duty stations.

Each new Petty Officer was assigned to new duty stations and given their new SLCG Service Number which when added with their District Number makes their full Service Number.

Petty Officer Eric McGrath SLCG 480 assigned to Station Terranova
Petty Officer Scivolo SLCG 482 assigned to Station Discovery
Petty Officer Farryn Moon SLCG 483 assigned to Station Byron Bay
Petty Officer Claire SLCG 484 also assigned to Station Byron Bay

Petty Officer Celine SLCG 481 assigned to Station Farcastle was also October 2019’s Honor Graduate. The SLCG Honor Graduate is picked for their outstanding performance during their Training.

After the Graduation portion of the ceremony is completed we moved into the Promotions part where Rear Admiral Mitchell presented the deserving Promotions.

Petty Officer 3rd Class promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class

PO Gokyu Ugajin and PO Josie Siguer
Not Present PO Max Borrow

Petty Officer 2nd Class promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class

PO Sumaryo Asamoah and PO Madit Renfew
Not Present was PO Adili Roge and
PO Pilar Nirvana

Petty Officer 1st Class to Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer Golfen was not present but was rumored to be out with his Clubs “Golfen”

Chief Petty Officer to Senior Chief Petty Officer

SCPO Endora DOC McAndrews
SCPO Andy serving in the Honor Guard

Not present was SCPO Deirdre McMinnar

Senior Chief Petty Officer to Master Chief Petty Officer

MCPO Annya Weirman
MCPO Terry Monday LaBelle serving in the Honor Guard

Not present was MCPO Annalise

Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade

LTJG Pheaton Philbin was not present today

Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant

Lieutenant Luckie Howlett

Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander

LCDR Josa Del Florâ„¢ was not present today

With the promotions completed it was time to move into the Awards portion of the ceremony where each Tracen Commanding Officer presented the awards. During this portion the awardees stood at their seats when announced so their pictures were not able to be taken.

LQP1 Awards

Captain Mike Rejan presented the awards for Captain Lez Charisma who could not attend today. These awards are for Petty Officer who completed the course LQP1 allowing them to be promoted in the future to Chief Petty Officers.

PO Antonio Randolh
PO Golfen

Dive Training Center Awards

Lieutenant Octavia Rejan, CO of the DTC presented the following awards for achievements in Diving.

Basic Diver Award
PO3 Christopher Knight

2nd Class Diver Award
PO3 Christopher Knight

First Class Diver Award
PO1 Amanda Novak
ENS Pheaton Philbin

Sailing Training Center Awards

Lieutenant Julia Raymond, CO of the STC presented the following awards for achievements in Sailing.

Basic Sailor
PO3 Christopher Knight
PO3 Tolmar

Event Security Ribbon
PO2 Gokyu Ugain
PO3 Christopher Knight

Aviation Training Center

Lieutenant Julia Raymond also presented the awards for the Aviation Training Center as Rear Admiral Ansaja Guardian was unable to attend today’s ceremony.

Flight Safety School:
PO3 Christopher Knight
PO3 Josie Siguer
PO2 Sumaryo Asamoah

SLCG Flight Wings:
PO2 Meiga Flor
PO2 Sumaryo Asamoah

Master Aviator:
PO2 Madit Renfew

Joint Patrol:
PO1 Antonio Randolph
PO3 Gokyu Ugajin

Medical Training Center

MCPO Maddie Haricot, CO of the Medical Training Center was unable to attend today’s ceremony therefore ENS Bunny Von Lovecraft presented today’s awards.

MTC Course Ribbon
CPO Bill Black
PO1 CW Marksman
CPO Deirdre McMinnar
PO1 Tina Collinson

Search and Rescue Awards

Master Chief Petty Officer Tersimus, CO of the SAR Training Center presented the following awards.

Rescue Swimmer
CPO Bill Black

Rescue Flight Engineer
MCPO Teobold Rott

Rescue Pilot
SCPO Terry Monday LaBelle
ENS Pheaton Philbn
CPO Andy

Station Munro

Master Chief Petty Officer, Excutive Officer of Station Munro presented today’s awards for Captain Fitzwilliam Darcy who was not able to attend today.

I have been asked to present the awards for Munro this month. Station Munro is unlike regular SLCG stations in that it brings historical relevance to our mission here. We encourage our new Petty Officers to come by and take the tour or attend a drill to see what it is we do if they would like to join.

Would the following please stand at their seats and come to attention: ENS Karen Cal and LT Josa Del Flor

ENS Karen Cal has been very active in Munro Aviation, and has shown greater enthusiasm for Munro. As Munro’s aviation section continues to expand, we hope that she continues to be part of this growth. Because of her dedication to Munro, and completing the requirements, she is hereby awarded the Munro Ribbon.

LT Josa Del Flor originally joined Munro with an interest in the Corpsman program. While she completed her practicals earlier this year, she has not been shy in pursuing other paths in Munro as well. She has been a key crewmember in Munro’s newest activity, and will truly be an asset as we start implementation of it.
Congratulations to both ENS Karen and LT Del Flor and all of our newly minted POs who join us today.

That wraps up the October 2019 Graduation, Promotions, and Awards Ceremony and along with the Entire Second Life Coast Guard, the SLCG Magazine would like to offer a Huge Congratulations to each and every member of the SLCG who was honored today!!

Author: LCDR Jericho Cobretti